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In the near future,  government leaders will be equipped with intelligent data. Sensors on streets will communicate with vehicles to provide real-time road and conditions. Traffic signals will dynamically change to reduce congestion. City leaders will evaluate the structural health of all infrastructure by monitoring vibrations at material conditions in buildings, bridges and monuments. Law enforcement and public health officials will use sensors for perimeter access control  and hazardous gas monitoring. The benefits of smart city technologies are vast and quantifiable. They will save money and lives.

However, the benefits also come with risks. Relying on an infrastructure of millions of interconnected devices places security at a premium. The ability to infiltrate just one device could give hackers, terrorists or rogue nations the keys to wreak havoc on large population centers. Without a secure cyber foundation, smart cities will crumble. Built on a secure cyber foundation, smart cities will thrive. –  Liz Hyman, Executive Vice President, Public Advocacy, CompTIA

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Originally started in 1993, it was a meant to be a party for member of “Platinum Net”, a Fido protocol based hacking network out of Canada. As the main U.S. hub I was helping the Platinum Net organizer (I forget his name) plan a closing party for all the member BBS systems and their users. He was going to shut down the network when his dad took a new job and had to move away. We talking about where we might hold it, when all of a sudden he left early and disappeared. I was just planning a party for a network that was shut down, except for my U.S. nodes. I decided what the hell, I’ll invite the members of all the other networks my BBS (A Dark Tangent System) system was a part of including Cyber Crime International (CCI), Hit Net, Tired of Protection (ToP), and like 8 others I can’t remember. Why not invite everyone on #hack? Good idea!.

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