Project Description

Data Centers

Your data center is the  digital ecosystem where your hardware, software and data . Rack spaces and high performance computing clusters support your mission critical data and it must be protected and optimized.

 By implementing the latest technologies,  Government Cyber can assist to enhance security while optimizing performance. Our seasoned professionals work closely with customers every step of the way to ensure that every application achieves its best and highest use.


Anti-malware protection
Network threat protection
Application and device control
Compensating host intrusion prevention controls
File and system integrity monitoring
File and system tamper prevention
Host instrusion detection policies
Host intrusion prevention policies
Host-based firewall
Key compliance controls
Log inspection and consolidated event logging
Real-time file integrity monitoring
Security configuration monitoring
Security hardening of on-premise physical and virtual workloads
Security monitoring of cloud- AWS & OpenStack
Security monitoring of on-premise physical workloads
Security monitoring of on-premise virtual workloads
Virtual patching
Web browser protection

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