Government Cyber


Government Cyber provides state-of-the-art, military grade cyber security solutions for municipal, state and federal government agencies as well as corporate clients. Accept nothing less than the best. Citizens, clients, patients and employees deserve the cyber security technologies afforded to the highest levels of our armed forces.

Government Cyber delivers those products and services to your city, state and other local governments. If you are charged with securing the data of your citizens or the proprietary data of your company, contact us today to learn more.

General Areas of Service Include:

Application and software security assurance
Computer security incident response
Conducting risk and vulnerability assessments
Configuration management, design, and remediation
Cyber Risk Scoring
Cyber Security Preparation
Developing, evaluating and implementing cyber security policy
Digital Forensics
Digital forensics services
Engineering and architecture design
Enterprise security architecture design and re-design
Incident Response
Initial Assessments
Insider threat and APT assessment
Insider Threat Monitoring
Internal and external penetration testing
IT risk management and compliance
Malicious code review
Ongoing Cyber Security Services
Operations management
Policy and plan development
Securing and optimizing critical public and private IT systems
Social engineering
Vulnerability and risk assessments


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